{Seminary Journal} Our Spring Creek Send-Off

We spent our last northwest weekend at our annual church campout, and it was one of the most special several days I can remember. On Saturday night, the church had an informal send-off for us. My dad shared some sweet thoughts and prayed for us, which was very precious. Afterward, others from the flock added encouragement. We’ll remember all those kind words and memories for years to come. It was an amazing way to close off this chapter of life–we are so blessed by the support our church family is showing as we embark on this adventure. You will all be tremendously missed!

More on the past week to come later. We hit the road at 4:30 AM tomorrow!




Cubed 07/26/13

The past week, cubed.

P.s. We’re 10 days away from the move today!

First jet ski ride of the season.

First jet ski ride of the season.

My favorite Grants.

My two favorite Grants.

Jordy boy.

Jordy boy.

Many hands make light work!

Many hands make light work!

Coffee date after selling our place.

Woods date after selling our place.

A walk at Zuanich Park.

A walk at Zuanich Park with my parents.

Boxing everything up.

Boxing everything up.

Church softball night.

Church softball night.

Meeting Our First Niece


The last 24 hours were pretty exciting. From the moment that my sister-in-law went into labor until when she delivered early this afternoon, I was on pins and needles! I texted back and forth with Shelby’s mom throughout the night, getting updates and waiting for more news. Andrew and I finally met Tilly around 3:00 this afternoon and it was love at first sight. I can’t believe I’m an auntie to this bundle of joy. I’m excited to watch her grow up, and I pray that she embraces Jesus at an early age and learns to love Him and His ways.┬áThe move that’s now 20 days away just got a lot harder to think about.


Talitha Joy

Cubed 07/11/13

The past week-and-a-half, cubed.

Fairhaven outing.

Fairhaven outing.

Don't take my bag.

Don’t take my bag.


A relaxing Saturday afternoon on the water.


A game of Wizard with friends.


4th of July baseball


Early morning coffee and catch-up date.


Despicable Me 2 birthday outing. (Go see it.)


Soaking up this  rare Pacific NW sunshine.


Fresh plums and goat cheese for breakfast.


Two of my favorite people.




Fifth year of fireworks with my love.


Sisters pedicure date.


Coffee pick-up for four.