{My Pregnancy Journal} 29 Weeks

How is it possible to be this in love with our little man when we haven’t even met him yet? I love to talk to him and “listen” to his kicks and wiggles. This week was really special, as both my parents, my mother-in-law, and my dear friend Brittney got to feel Yaff10665715_10152757687118109_7275319311239455925_n kicking and/or hiccuping. And yes, the hiccups continue! I feel them almost every day, and sometimes multiple times in a day. Sometimes they are a few seconds apart, other times they are one right after the other. Andrew likes to pat my tummy and say, “Just swallow a little amniotic fluid, buddy.”

For close to a year now, at home Andrew has exclusively called me “Bluebird” or “Blue”. I can’t remember the last time he called me anything else when we were alone. So now we refer to our little one as “the Baby Bluebird”. I don’t know if that will stick, but I really like it during this pregnancy. =)

As of this week I am having days when I feel very pregnant. It’s a lot harder to bring myself up off the couch, walk through small spaces, and just move in general after a meal. It scares me to think about continuing to grow for 2.5 more months! =) I am so grateful to not have experienced any heartburn and hope that continues!

This little guy is a joy to  our hearts! God is so good!


{My Pregnancy Journal} 28 Weeks

It’s been a kind of crazy week. When eight apartments in your 26 unit building get set to turn over within a 6-week period, and you’re scrambling to finish brain dumping almost six years of administrative work into your replacement, you can plan on mayhem for a while.

I now feel HICCUPS! I felt them for the first time between 27 and 28 weeks and it was adorable. I also had my gestational diabetes test, which came back fine, praise the Lord! Going without food and water until 1:30 in the afternoon and then driving myself to Beverly Hills to get poked is not something I wanted to do again anytime soon! The things we do for baby.

The photo in this post is from last Saturday, when a friend invited me to join her at her friend’s pool for the afternoon. It was over 100 degrees that day, and floating in a cool body of water all afternoon was possibly the most therapeutic thing I’ve enjoyed this pregnancy.

photo (8)My feet hurt whether I’ve been on them for 10 minutes or all morning. And my legs ache after walking more than across the room! And (obviously) I am just always tired. On Wednesday, after work I crashed on the couch at 6:30 PM and went to bed two hours later and it felt incredible! =)

I’ve never been happier, and I am so thankful for the physical ability to keep chucking, especially in this busy season. I know many women end up on bed rest or are still sick in their last trimester, and I am praising God that I am not one of them! Considering everything my body is trying to accomplish inside me, I feel amazing! God’s design is so impressive.

{My Pregnancy Journal} Baby Lists

I’m starting to get that “baby’s almost here” excited/panicky feeling. I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow, which means that theoretically, Caleb could arrive without complications in 10 weeks. That sounds a little terrifying considering I have a lot to do before he does! I wrap up my administrative job of almost six years in two weeks, which will free me up a lot more, but in the meantime at least getting some lists down is making me feel more prepared.

Thank goodness for Wunderlist, my absolute favorite way to track to-dos and shopping lists. Yes, shameless plug here for the best free task management app out there. Give it a try! Works great in your browser, on your desktop, or on your phone. 

I have the following Wunderlists started.

  • Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit
  • Mommy’s Postpartum Basket (stole this lovely idea from my sister-in-law)
  • Labor Playlist Songs (you knew I would…)
  • Stock Up (general household things I don’t want to have to think about replenishing before the New Year)
  • Freezer Meals
  • Pre-Labor Prep (random things like draft our Christmas letter)

PicI’ll work on any leftover baby-specific needs after the shower my friend Julia is throwing for me at the end of September! Right now I’m focusing on things that will help the baby’s parents through labor and after. =)

And on this note, if you have any specific recommendations of items you loved/didn’t love having for labor and postpartum days, I am all ears! My cousin-in-law, sister-in-law, and I (who are all due with a baby within 6 weeks of each other) have been group messaging and it has been so helpful to get Shelby’s tips from her first labor!

{My Pregnancy Journal} 27 Weeks

27 weeksWelcome to the third trimester! It feels so great (and exhausting) to have reached the third and final phase of pregnancy. Wow, am I tiring a lot easier than I was a month ago. I’ve noticed my energy declining over the past few weeks. Along with more sleepiness, my legs and feet ache easily and frequently, especially on busy apartment days when I don’t have much time to sit down. However, I will gladly take achey legs in exchange for the fact that my acne is starting to fade! Woo hoo! It has been really bad for awhile now, and absolutely nothing was helping. I’ve tried so many things, I’m not sure which one is doing the trick, but I am so grateful to have a chin that is starting to clear up and doesn’t hurt anymore! Yahoo! Andrew is a gem and never once said anything about my sorry complexion.

Insomnia from the first trimester also seems to be returning, although it isn’t every night. It seems like I get a really good night of sleep, and then several in a row where it feels as though I am up all night, though in reality I know I am getting more rest than I think. I feel like this is decent preparation for the sleep deprivation I am to face upon baby’s arrival! =)

Caleb just keeps kick, kick, kicking! I am finding it harder to fall asleep at night, as that seems to be his favorite playtime. Sometimes I can feel his hand or foot brush all the way across my stomach from one side to the other. I never get tired of it. I also have to get up a lot more in the night as he puts more pressure on my bladder, and nearly every time, he’s squirming when I wake up. He tends to sleep in the mornings when I am up and working, then gets active again if I drink a glass of water.

For the first time since learning we were expecting, I am truly feeling impatient to meet the little Yaffster. Andrew shares my sentiments. Somehow it feels like it’s just time for him to arrive! But we’ve still got a few months left and lots to do in the meantime. November will be here before we know it!

I’m so excited about my latest baby finds. After getting baby carrier input from other LA moms, I chose the Ergo Original Baby Carrier and Infant Insert. (I also have a sling/wrap style one that was handed down to me, but Andrew wanted one we could share and that would last a long time.) I was delighted that on my first day of Craigslist hunting, I found the Ergo and insert brand new in the box for $75! I saved $60! And it was even the pattern I had hoped for.

I also picked out my diaper bag after extensive research. I know, I know…I overthink small things. But I was looking for something durable, practical, and cute, but not too feminine so that Andrew would feel comfortable carrying it around. (He is SO excited to pack Caleb places by himself!) It was $55 on Amazon, and I found it in like-new condition on consignment for $13! I could hardly believe it, it was one of only five or six diaper bags in the store. God just keeps providing in amazing ways and I am so thankful.

Less than three months ’til the due date and so much to work on before then! Once again, I am in awe that God would bless us with such a healthy, happy pregnancy for six months now. He is so kind to us!

{My Pregnancy Journal} 26 Weeks

photo (6)I am in my last week of my second trimester! Earlier this week I noticed my energy start to decrease a little from what it had been. I tire a lot more easily and although I am still gung-ho for projects, I crash very easily if I push myself too hard. It is exciting to be rounding that corner into the final stretch! With only 12 weeks to go until 38 weeks, it feels like Caleb’s arrival is right around the corner now.

This week I enjoyed introducing pregnancy yoga into my day via YouTube, and hands down the highlight of the week was birth class with Andrew. I learned so much and feel way more informed and ready for birth now! There was a lot I did not know about labor and I feel much better prepared to avoid common pitfalls and problems thanks to an excellent instructor and seven hours of lecture. The birth class was as unbiased as possible, but I am also all the more determined not to get an epidural after learning more about about the stages of labor and the upsides and downsides to medication. It’s going to be hard to turn down in the hospital so I known I may be eating my words halfway through labor!

The next step is to meet with my doula for my first of two pre-birth appointments and work on a birth plan together. I am excited for Andrew to meet her.

Caleb brings so much joy to my days. His kicks and flops never get old and I can’t wait to meet him! God’s care and protection are an incredible gift.

{My Pregnancy Journal} 25 Weeks

elephants The number 25 just has a ring to it, doesn’t it? I am getting more excited to meet this little wiggle worm by the day! We had an excellent doctor’s appointment on Thursday and we are taking a birth class this weekend! I started full-on nesting over this past weekend, giving our walk-in closet a complete makeover and going through all of my clothes. I put away another big box that I won’t be fitting into for awhile, and compiled another Goodwill bag. It felt wonderful. =) On Friday, Andrew helped me apply our elephant decal and move the changing table. Our room is almost Caleb-ready now, we just need a pack-n-play or a mini crib. Haven’t decided which yet. =)

photo (5)-001I’ve been having Braxton Hicks now for weeks and just finally realized that’s what they are after doing some reading. They are 100% painless and usually result in Caleb sticking out on one side or the other of my stomach, giving me a lopsided look. I read that a very active baby contributes to frequent Braxton Hicks. That makes sense since this little guy is kicks me a lot!

I have been listening to three songs constantly: A Mother’s Prayer by the Gettys, Your Whole Life Long by Twila Paris, and Haven’t Met You Yet by Mark Schultz. I sing them all to Caleb throughout the day.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love the second trimester! =)

{My Pregnancy Journal} 24 Weeks

photo (4)Sorry for the terrible picture of me. It was one of those pregnant days. Not a lot has changed between weeks 23 and 24, so I’ll take this opportunity to share a short story from my journey of carrying Caleb.

It was a hot, beautiful day. We were on our way back from another positive doctor’s appointment. Although mostly over the morning sickness, I was still much more prone to nausea than normal. Hunger combined with some winding roads on the drive got my stomach to churning. We were headed for a Five Guys near home, but a few blocks before we arrived it became clear that we were getting there just a little bit too late. I begged Andrew to hurry.

As soon as we had we whizzed into a parallel parking spot, I threw open my passenger door and lost my breakfast on the curb. I sat there pathetically, head hanging out the car, heaving, while Andrew watched pedestrians steer clear of me on their way by. When I had finished emptying my stomach of all the nutrients I had so diligently given it that morning, I asked Andrew if he could pull ahead to the vacant spot in front of us. I’m not really sure why. As we sat in our new spot, giving me a minute to catch my breath, we watched in horror as a car with two people pulled up and parked right behind us.

“Should we warn them?” The idea was mentioned, but it seemed a bit late for such action. We both sat stock-still in our seats, staring in trepidation into our rear view mirrors to see if the nice middle-aged lady in the passenger seat would check the ground before she stepped out of the car. It felt like we were secret agents — they always seem to watch suspects through the rear view mirror. The scene before us seemed as if it were taking place in slow motion. The passenger door creeeeeaked open. The lady slowly shifted her body in her seat. And then she looked down.

Thank goodness. 

Clearly spotting the gift I’d left, she swung her leg out well onto where the grass was unmarred and pulled herself out of the car, mumbling something to her husband and taking care to close the door without stepping in anything unseemly.

Breathing a sigh of relief as they disappeared down the street, I suggested, “Well, should we go eat?”

“You feel like eating?” Andrew queried politely.

“Yeah, I’m actually really hungry now. Aren’t you?”

Andrew, who had been famished just minutes earlier, replied, “Uh, not really.”

Poor guy. I hadn’t thought about what my little adventure had done to his appetite. But being the hero that he is, we still made our visit to Five Guys, where baby and I got the hamburger I’d been craving.

It’s funny how throwing up has come to feel fairly routine. I randomly couldn’t keep breakfast down just yesterday. But each is episode a happy reminder of how amazing I feel most of the time!